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7th Grade Science week of May 22nd   

7th Grade Science


Monday, May 22nd

Do Now: Introduce Cells Unit (what we will be covering and final project) 

Lesson: Presentations on Cell Theory, Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Cells, Parts of Cells (with a greater emphasis on eukaryotic cell organelles)

 Video on Eukaryotopolis- A Cell as a City

Homework: Bring in Wetlands Boat Trip permission slip


Wednesday, May 24th 

Do Now: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells graphic organizer

Lesson: Parts of Eukaryotic Cell foldable notes, Crash Course cell function video & notes, assign organelles to students for the Cell Project 

Homework: Complete poems for cell project


Friday, May 26th 

Do Now: Microscope lab 

Lesson: Complete giant organelles for Cell Project (to go with poems)

Homework: Bring in materials to construct cell model 

7th Grade Science Week of May 15th   

7th Grade Science 


Tuesday, May 16th 

Begin constructing your marble roller coasters! 


Thursday, May 17th

Finish your marble roller coaster and complete calculations! 

HOMEWORK: Make sure calculations are complete! 

8th Grade Science Weeks of May 15th and 22nd  



Monday, May 15th (B DAY) and Tuesday, May 16th (A DAY)


***Tuesday, May 16th all 8th Graders will be in the Wetlands Field Trip at the OC Bayside Center***


Wednesday, May 17th (B Day) and Thursday, May 18th (A DAY)

NJASK Science test prep. Introduce parachute challenge! Begin making parachute for test run! 

HOMEWORK: Bring in materials for parachutes


Friday, May 19th (B Day) and Monday, May 22nd (A Day)

NJASK Science test prep. Finish making test run parachutes and do first drop. 

HOMEWORK: Bring in materials for parachutes


Tuesday, May 23rd (B Day) and Wednesday, May 24th (A Day)

NJASK Science test prep. Finish test drop. Design and construct your own parachutes. 


Thursday, May 25th (B Day)and Friday, May 26th (A Day)

NJASK Science test prep. Finish constructing your own parachutes for final drop! 




7th Grade Science Week of May 8th   

7th Grade Science


Monday, May 8th 

Do Now: Unit Vocabulary 

Share "Physics of Sports" examples, Read Einstein's Energy packet & complete energy notes, Skateboard Park simulation lab. 



Wednesday, May 10th 

Do Now: Skateboard Park simulation lab (contine and discuss)

Introduce Roller Coaster Physics (discuss and plan as a group)

Homework: Study for vocabulary quiz


Friday, May 12th

Do Now: Vocabulary Quiz

Group plan and get ready to build roller coasters :) 


8th Grade Science Week of May 8th   



***This week, students are to finish the first 8 units for their SHOWCASE PORTFOLIO!***

-Science Processes


-Genes & DNA

-Evolution of Living Things

-History of Earth 

-Stability & Change: Wolves of Yellowstone

-Stability & Change: Climate and Climate Change

-Stability & Change:Global Water Crisis


7th Grade Science weeks of 4-24 and 5-1  



Monday, April 24th 

Earth Day Special "Earth from Above", 3 paragraph journal reflection on how humans impact Earth, the environment, and biodiversity. 



Wednesday, April 26th 

Do Now: Introduce chapter vocabulary and Energy Forms & Changes presentation 

Lesson: INtroduce Energy and Sports (Skatepark Physics), research a type of sport and the types of energy used

Homework: Have your sports physics information (research) competed


Friday, April 28th 

Do Now: Work on "How can phsics explain sports?" poster

Lesson: Roller Coaster Physics demonstration, Plan your own roller caoster 

Homework: Roller coaster plans


Tuesday, May 2nd and Thursday, May 4th: PARCC Testing during in the morning, roller coasters in the afternoon. :) 

8th Grade Science Weeks of 4-24 and 5-1  



Monday, April 24th (A Day) and Tuesday, April 25th (B Day)

Do Now: Finialize and share your 3 Gorges Dam argumentative essay

Lesson: Earth Day Special "Earth from Above", 3 paragraph journal reflection on how humans impact the Earth, the environment, and biodiversity

Homework: Bring in a binder or scrapbook for your showcase portfolio


Wednesday, April 26th (A Day) and Thursday, April 27th (B Day)

Work on Showcase Portfolios! 


Friday, April 28th (A Day) and Monday, May 1st (B Day) 

Work on Showcase Portfolios! 


Tuesday, May 2nd through Friday, May 5th: PARCC Testing (afternoon classes work on Showcase Portfolios)

7th Grade Science Week of 4-10  

7th Grade Science

Monday, April 10th 

-Crash Course: Light is waves

-JOURNAL: Explain how light can be used in a solar oven to heat our s'mores (draw a diagram and explain)

-Electromagnetic spectrum review (go over partner posters and jigsaw review)

Homework: Make sure to have all of your papers from this unit for portfolio (quiz Wednesday)


Wednesday, April 12th 

-Do Now: Portfolio

-Quick Jigsaw Review

-Quiz on energy and the electromagnetic spectrum 

NO HOMEWORK: Happy Spring Break!

8th Grade Science Week of 4-10  



Monday, April 10th (A Day) and Tuesday, April 11th (B Day)

-Finish Watermark documentary on global water crisis

-Read articles on Three Gorges Dam and complete pros/cons for persuasive essay

Homework: No homework 


Wednesday, April 12th (A Day) and Thursday, April 13th (B Day)

-Persuasive essay graphic organizer

-Type persuasive essay on dams in China 

Homework: No hoomework. . . Happy Spring Break!

7th Grade Science week of 4-3  



Tuesday, March 4th 

Do Now- Get with your small group/partner and research your section of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Lesson- Students will make an informational poster on their section of the electromagnetic spectrum and share it with the class. When students present their posters, they are to complete the research notes on all sections of the electromagnetic spectrum. 



Thursday, March 6th 

Do Now- Finish presentations

Lesson- Go over the research notes from the presentations as a class. Next, discuss the students' solar oven s'mores experiment and brainstorm/research ideas for making their own (not pizza box). 


8th Grade Science Week of 4-3  



Monday, April 3rd (B Day)

Do Now: Hand in portfolio and chapter summary 

Climate and Climate Change (Stability of & Change on Earth) Test

Watermark documentary 


Tuesday, April 4th (A Day) and Wednesday, April 5th (B Day)

Do Now: Answer the following question "How would your life be different without clean running water? What might you have to do in order to get clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing etc.?" Discuss as a class. 

Lesson: Water Crisis PowerPoint and answer questions at the end of the PowerPoint, Water Crisis: Student Data Worksheet

Homework: No Homework 


Thursday, April 6th (A Day) and Friday, April 7th (B Day)

Do Now: Go over the Water Crisis: Student Data Worksheet

Lesson: Water Crisis: Student Quiz, Three Gorges Dam articles (read and present information)

Homework: No homework