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Cross Country Intermediate

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Boy/Girls Intermediate School Cross Country

The Lower Cape May [RMT] meet that was scheduled for Tuesday, October 24th has been rescheduled. The new date is Monday, October 23rd. It is a home meet at 17th street and the boardwalk. The meet will begin at 3:45.

Practice is cancelled on all half days [10/18; 10/24; 10/25; 10/26]

Cross Country will begin Monday, September 11th. In order to be eligible to participate, the following needs to be complete and handed in:

1. Up-to-date physical turned in to the nurse.

2. Online sport participation form completed and submitted. This can be found on the nurse's webpage.

3. Print and turn in the signature sheet that goes with the online form. This signature sheet must be turned into the nurse.

4. Contracts will be passed on on Monday at practice or see Mrs. Parker before practice. (Room 118-accross from the library) 

*Those that have turned in all necessary paper may begin running with the team on Monday. Those that still need to get paper work turned in, must run on their own and join the team once all paper work is turned in.



We practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30. We may have some practices until 4:00 as the season progresses and runners are able to run farther distances. If you are unable to attend a practice. You must notify a coach and you are still responsible for running on your own that day.


Tuesday, September 26th at Buena Middle School. (Buena) Start Time: 3:45

Tuesday, October 3rd at 17th St. and the Boardwalk. (Bridgeton) Start Time 4:00

Tuesday, October 10th at Pleasantville High School. (Pleasantville) Start Time: 4:00

Tuesday, October 24th at 17th St. and Boardwalk. (Lake Side Middle School/RMT) Start Time: 4:00

 This is the website to check for updated schedule-postponed or cancelled meets.  



    1.  Come on time to practice, ready to cooperate and give it your best effort

    2.  Listen when Coaches and team members are talking.

    3.  Encourage and respect everyone on the team.

    4.  Always try your best.

    5.  Thank people for doing nice things.

    6.  Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn.



 It's  pride, satisfaction and fulfillment you will experience from improving your running, setting a personal best, competing in a meet, running with friends in practice, taking part and contributing to the team.  Cross Country is a confidence building activity that will promote a healthy life style for the rest of your life.


      1.   Get to know your teammates.  

      2.   Encourage and help your teammates.

      3.   Give positive feedback to your teammates whenever possible.

      4.   Remember that a positive attitude is highly contagious.

      5.   Work hard in practice and during meets.

      6.   Communicate with your coaches.


 1.  When are the practices and meets?

            Practices are Monday through Thursday from 2:40-3:30.  See schedule/calendar  for exact meet dates.  The activity bus will take kids home after practices only.  The bus leaves at 3:30 each day.  On meet days, athletes can be picked up directly from the away meet only if a note is sent in by a parent and signed by Mr. Haines  or a bus will bring them back to OCIS.  Athletes will be responsible to have transportation waiting for them. 

 2.  Will there be practice even if it is raining?

            Listen to the afternoon anouncements and check your "Remind Me" notification.

 3.  What equipment does my son/daughter need?

            A good pair of sneakers/running shoes will suffice.  We will supply a team sweatshirt and a t-shirt to race in.  These will be turned in at the end of the season. 

 4.  If my son/daughter does not attend school can they still attend the meet or practice?

            Students must attend to be able to participate in after school activities regardless of the nature of the absence.