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Boys and Girls Track and Field


 This is the website to check for updated schedule-postponed or cancelled meets.  

Next meet is a home meet against Alder Avenue- Thursday, May 3, 2018.

Then we have a home meet against Bridgeton-Monday, May 7, 2018.

Our meet against Fernwood is rescheduled for May 22, 2018





All 6th-7th-and 8th graders interested in joining track and field 2018-there is a mandatory meeting being held in Mr. Barbato's room #403 on Monday, March 19th. We will begin practice Tuesday, March 20th.

All paperwork must be turned before you are allowed to participate. Please see the Nurse, Mr. Barbato, or Mrs. Parker for forms. 

1. Up-to-date physical turned into the nurse. {see the nurse immediately}

2. Complete on-line portion of the Ocean City School District On-Line Sign up form.

    ---Go to

    ---Click on "Intermediate School"

    ---Click on "Parents"

    ---Click on "Nurse Office"

    ---Follow instructions

3. Complete and turn in the hard copy packet of online form to the nurse. 

    ---Use and Misuse of Opiod Drugs fact sheet, Sports-Related Concussion and Head            Injury Fact Sheet, and Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes Pamphlet

4. Track and File Contract {Turn into Mr. Barbato or Mrs. Parker}






Please check school (track) calendar for practice and meet schedule


 The 2018 season is getting ready to begin. All perspective track and field members should be running and getting in shape for the season.

 Track Meets: All Track Meets begin at 4PM.  Most track meets end @5PM.

  • Procedure for Away Meets: All members of the track team will ride the bus to and from the meet.  If you wish to bring your child home from the meet, the "offical" parent pick up form must be completed and signed by the principal. The coaches and the main office will have the form. The forms are also online on the school website.

Please check out the above link.  It has a wonderful host of videos to show you how to properly stretch, proper form, and teaches you how to pace yourself.

100m Dash 
200m Dash
400m Dash
800m Run
4x100 Relay
4x400 Relay (1600 Relay) 
Long Jump 
Shot Put 

The 200 and 400 meter races are two track and field events that can be considered sprints.

Those running events considered to be "middle distance" events include the 800 and 1,600 (1 mile) races.  There are also two "relay" events, which feature four runners each running one leg of the race. Each runner passes a baton to the next to signify the transition from one leg to another. The two most common relays are the 4x100 - 400 meters total, each athlete runs 100 meters - and the 4x200 or 800 meters total.

Within the field events in track and field, there are also two main categories: throwing and jumping. The two throwing events are discus and shot put.  Discus involves the longest throw, as it uses a disc. The shot put is a heavy ball, so this event involves shorter throws.

There are also a jumping event in track and field, the long jump. The long jump requires athletes to jump far. In the long jump, the athlete takes a long running start before jumping as far as he or she can into a pit of sand.